You’re going to love the story about how DREWS came to be! 

I'd spent a long day drinking poolside with my girlfriend on a nice
warm and sunny Vegas afternoon when I realised my swimmers were torn. 

So after spending a couple of frustrating hours strolling around Vegas
trying on all sorts of swimmers that were too big, too small, too tight,
too loose, too long and terribly designed. 

I made the decision right then and there that I was going
to create the world's best swimmers that not only offer
the perfect fit, but also look amazing. And so, DREWS was born.

We spent the next six months meeting with designers,
testing fabrics, testing fits and then eventually flying to personally
meet our manufactures to make sure that our products were perfect. 

At DREWS our mission is to create perfect fitting swimwear
for men that not only gives the perfect fit, but also offers
unique designs that stand the test of time.